Reftronix’s mission is to develop electronic solutions for the global HVAC/R industry in order to comply with regulatory mandated use of natural refrigerants and energy efficiency requirements

Our track record involves some of the most energy efficient, best performing controls, and unique analytic solutions in the industry. We use a mix of our know-how and state-of-the-art technologies to deliver control solutions that enables you to succeed coupled with many years of industry experience.

Our core expertise

Electronic Expansion Valve | CO2 Process control | Variable Compressor Capacity Electronic Expansion Valve | CO2 Process control | Variable Compressor Capacity

Meet the team

Andrei Muntianu, M.Sc.CS.

Embedded software expert. Designed and developed software since 2008.

Frede Schmidt, M.Sc. Eng.

Energy management, control engineering, refrigeration process control, and CO2 expertise. Electronic controls since 1992.

Allan Rempt B.Sc. Eng.

Embedded software and hardware expert. Electronic marine refrigeration controls since 2004.

Henrik Christensen, M.Sc.CS. and MBA

Business management, operations management and system solutions. Electronic controls since 1992.



The proven specialist in CO2 refrigerant control

There is now an international focus on shifting to low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants such as CO2, driven most recently by the EU F-gas regulation and the Eco Design directive. Based on decades of successful experience in Denmark helping manufacturers switch to the use of natural refrigerants, Reftronix has a leading role assisting organisations in implementing this technology around the World.

An unrivalled track record in CO2 control

Denmark - The birthplace of CO2 control

Denmark has been proactively tackling air pollution since the 1970s.

Degradation of stratospheric ozone related to man-made emissions of CFC’s and HFC’s affects health, nature and the climate. Denmark has been leading the fight against ozone depletion for many years.

In 1988 an action plan was developed in Denmark to combat Ozone Depleting substances (ODSs). The national plan was to reduce the consumption of ODSs by 50 % by 1995 and to end their use completely by 1999. A tax on CFCs and halons was put in place toghether with legislation that only permitted the use of ODSs until alternatives became available.

By 1995, Denmark had phased out all use of the majority of ODSs, and only very small amounts of HCFCs remained as it was legal to refill fridges with regenerated HCFCs until 31 December 2014. Today in Denmark, ozone-layer depleting substances have been abandoned.

Invertek Drives

Invertek Drives are working in partnership with Reftronix to produce an innovative, high performance variable frequency drive dedicated for the HVAC/R industry.

Invertek also provide research, technical and marketing support to Reftronix.

Invertek design and manufacture a wide range of general purpose and high performance drives that are marketed in 80 countries.

Invertek’s high-performance HVAC-R drives are designed specifically for OEMs, to optimise the performance of BLDC variable speed compressors, to match the speed of the compressor to the changing thermal demand of the system improving overall system efficiency by up to 25%.

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